"Fate can be cruel, but a smile better suits a hero."

A kind soul with darkness beneath.

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Learn the basics of Tamago's backstory here!

Name: Tamago Kusuri
Aliases: Pearl, Tama
Race: Au Ra / Raen
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Nameday: 18th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Guardian: Menphina, the Lover
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Birthplace: Yokubo Village - Gyr Abanian Mountains
Nationality: Ishguardian
Occupation: Shopkeeper, Former Priestess, Philanthropist
Languages: Common Eorzean, Ishgardian

Hair: Long and curly, baby pink with ice blue hi-lights.
Eyes: The right, bright green. The left, royal blue with a slight bit of pink in each. A slight lotus pattern can be seen very faintly in them.
Teeth: Tiny little fangs.
Tail: Thin with a flare at the end, it splits off into spikes at the tip. Very long and snake-like and almost always decorated with glowing enchanted jewelry or bows.
Horns: Tamago had dual sets of horns, one set flowing up around her head like a circlet, and the others fanning out from the sides of her head. They are normally adorned with pink and blue ribbons.
Height: 4 fulms, 11 ilms
Build: Petite with wide hips and a large chest.
Markings: Snake-like scales in elegant patches with a fading of light blue and baby pink at the edges
Scent: Peach Blossoms
Common Look: Hair in two messy buns and wearing handmade, high-quality fashions.

Sexuality: Pansexual - Male Leaning
Relationship Status: Married - Polyamorous
+ Kind, Friendly, Dependable, Caring, Loyal, Supportive
- Easily embarrassed, Speaks her mind, Emotional, Sensitive
+ Anything pink or blue, Plushies, Tea, Sweets, Menphina, Her partners, Being in love, Tiramisu, Strawberries, Ishgard, Psychedelics
- Mean people, Mushrooms, Bitter tastes, Smoking, Poverty, Violence, Wastefulness, The wealthy

Residence: The Mists
Grand Company: Order of the Twin Adder
Free Company: Chrysalis Harbor <<CH-RP>>
Affiliations: House Fortemps
Data Center/World: Dynamis/Seraph

Learn the basics of Tamago's backstory here!

Name: Mozu Ernalona
Relationship: Husband
Tamago and Mozu met at Oblivium de Librum. Sparks flew and they quickly entered a relationship. They went through many adventures together until Mozu finally proposed! They now live a simple life in The Goblet running Potions and Petticoats together. They were Eternally Bonded on the 15th of the Sixth Astral Moon.+ Curious, Questioning, Intelligent
- Very little filter, Absolute cryptid

Name: Jeremiah Greycastle
Relationship: Boyfriend
Jeremiah and Tamago met at the Temple of Menphina where they both assisted as Clergy. What started as an innocent conversation turned into a budding romance as they went on their expedition to the Shrine of Menphina, resulting in their partnership.+ Spiritual, Comfortable, Respectful
- New to relationships, Growing confidence

Name: Kiett Ubmuawesfv
Relationship: Jeremiah's Beaux
Starting off as a best friend to Jeremiah, the two confessed their romantic feelings for each other during the Starlight Ball. Tamago sees Kiett as a member of the family and adores the love he shares with Jeremiah, often commenting on how sweet it is and teasing the two about it.+ Enthusiastic, Studious, Curious
- New to Eorzea, Shy

Learn the basics of Tamago's backstory here!

Tamago grew up on the streets of Ishgard a street rat, begging for scraps where she could. She took up sewing as a way to cope with her stress and to keep herself warm.In her young years, she was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship with a proficient seamstress who was known as cruel but skilled. She worked under her for many years, asking for nothing but a roof over her head and some food. She was berated and beaten down for her ideas and trained very harshly. Her skill, however, spoke for itself.Thanks to House Fortemps, she was able to escape the life she had with her aggressive mentor and eventually moved into the manor for a time while she saved up to purchase her own shop. After a death in the household, she took her leave, opened her shop, and moved forward with her life.

These days, Tamago can most often be found around Chrysalis Harbor, the Eorzean Safehouse. She, her partner Jeremiah, and her metamour Kiett run the charitable establishment to assist adventurers, mercenaries, and those coming from lives of conflict on how to re-integrate into society. She operates her shop Potions and Petticoats out of Chrysalis Harbor's main facility with her husband Mozu and uses a sliding scale pay structure, so everyone is able to afford supplies.

Learn the basics of Tamago's backstory here!

Races: Au Ra
Location: Mountains of Gyr Abania
Yokubo is a bustling village in the Gyr Abanian mountains home to a tribe of Raen Au Ra and their families. While being relatively hidden, the village has maintained itself for many generations and has had very few issues in regard to famine, violence, or death. Most of the inhabitants are kind, well-meaning people who wish only for the bliss and happiness of others, no matter their caste.
The strangest thing of note would be the village’s reverence to the primal Shri Lakshmi who they call their “Shifuku no Haha” or “Mother of bliss”.

Markings & Clothing:
They have naturally have stark white, opalescent scales in contrast to their Doman and Hingan cousins with their more muted coloring. The Raen living here are segregated by caste using tattoos as a signifier.

Leadership & Organization:
Yokubo is led by the wealthiest family in the village, the Zeitaku. The family itself is matriarchal and so sprawling that it almost has a caste system in itself.
The true leadership of the family, and by proxy the village, falls to the oldest living woman of the Zeitaku family. She is the figurehead and representation of the village’s deity, Sri Lakshmi. She leads the village in prayer and is rarely seen outside of the Zeitaku estate other than festivals.Her direct family acts as caregivers and personal guards to the matriarch and are revered as the closest to Sri Lakshmi herself by the rest of the village.Any family members more removed act as servants to the estate or priestesses of Sri Lakshmi, still being paid well and living quite a lavish and comfortable right. It is their duty to uphold the family name in the public eye.Below the Zeitaku family are the crafting caste. These are the families of masters in various crafts. They use their talents to create an opulent and rich lifestyle for the Zietakus and their associates as well as provide basic goods to the villagers. They are revered and blessed by the priestesses weekly so as to maintain the village’s way of life.The warrior caste are a group of families comprised of hunters, guards, and mercenaries that act as protection for the village and the trade routes to and from it. They are seen mostly as hired brutes, but are necessary when dealing with threats or trading for supplies.The rest of the village falls into the working caste. They are the simple employees, farmers, and builders that make up the bulk of the population. They are usually the ones hired to take trade voyages and bring back supplies in exchange for more attention from priestesses or a lavish piece of jewelry.

Occupations & Exports:
The villagers of Yokubo value anything luxurious and high class. They strive to fill their lives with excess and comfort in reverence to their chosen deity, Sri Lakshmi.
Their main exports consist of high quality crafted goods such as textiles, jewelry and furnishings all with vaguely Anantan style designs. The colours are usually golds, purples and pinks and involve many precious and semi-precious stones.

Crafters and Artists
Tamago is a master weaver and accomplished artist. She holds other crafters in high esteem and is always eager to discuss her craft and those of others. Show her some of your wares, explain a new technique, or ask her for tips. She'll be happy to chat!
Tamago was raised in the walls of Ishgard, and though she has disdain for those of noble stature normally, she is open to giving Ishgardian society a chance, as they gave her. If you used to call Ishgard home, let her know! She would love to reminisce.
Criminal Activity
It's rumored that Tamago denies no customers at her shop. Due to this, she has become decently known in the underground community for dubious assistance. Need supplies for a job? Perhaps Tamago can lend a hand...
Chrysalis Harbor
Are you a refugee? Maybe an adventurer that wants to retire? An Ex-Warder with nowhere to go? Look no further than Chrysalis Harbor, the Eorzean Safehouse. Tamago would be more than happy to give you a tour if you swing by!
Eternal Life
Recently, Tamago has begun the search for a substance to extend her lifespan. She is willing to give almost anything for any information or assistance on this matter. Though it may come with side effects, she is willing to do whatever it takes to bring her and her partner closer to their goal.

Name: Eggie
Age: 27
Pronouns: They/Them
Discord: Eggie#8956

RP Background: I've been roleplaying for about 15 years now and playing FFXIV since late 2019. I used to play World of Warcraft on Moonguard for about 10 years until I switched to FFXIV. In real life, I spend my weekends Live Action Roleplaying both in person and continuing the stories online.

RP Favourites: Horror/Gore, Violent, Erotica, Criminal, Corruption, Slice of Life, Romance, Aetherology, Adventure
RP Length Pref: Para to Multi Para RP
RP Method: FFXIV or Discord

IC is not OOC: If we have a romance IC, it doesn't mean we are together OOC. I'm happily engaged and monogamous and would like to keep it that way.Consent is Key: I'll write almost anything as long as consent is involved, it is a very important step. Please check with me OOC for consent and I'll do the same for you.21+ Only: I feel uncomfortable writing any of my favored genres with anyone under the age of 21. I also will not to RP with Minors.

A collection of screenshots of Tamago and friends.

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Sexual Preferences: Male Leaning
Role: Sub Leaning
Preference(s): Rough Sex, BDSM, Tentacles, Magic / Fantasy, Monster, Psychedelics
RP Limits: No scat. Lalas SFW only.

Please use this archive to learn more about Tamago's life since the start of my RP journey in FFXIV.This is for interest and viewing pleasure only and contains recountings of the story from Tamago's perspective and my own memory. Consider everything to have bias.

"The Oblivion... de Librum?" Tamago muttered as she looked up at an ornate sign. She wore her hair as she usually did, straightened and in a ponytail. People continued to insist that she would look 'unprofessional' should she allow her natural curls to fly free, but she was looking for any excuse to stop wasting time on her hair."I think this is the place!" She said triumphantly while tucking the business card into her bra. She readjusted herself, grumbling a little bit. Her work uniform was anything but comfortable but she had just finished up, she wouldn't have had time to change."Good job Tamago, you finally figured it out!" A boisterous laugh came from behind as a large Rogedyn woman emerged, her dark purple dress shimmering in the moonlight.Tamago opened the door to the shop and held out an arm toward the opening, keeping the door open with her backside. "Hey, I'm not good at directions, okay? Shall we?""Don't mind if I do." The tall woman entered and Tamago followed suit, taking in her surroundings.They had entered into a small research haven, towering shelves lining the walls. To her right was a small stage fit for any small-time bard to have their chances and to the left, a counter with what seemed like endless sweets and drinks. Finally, behind the counter, a taller Au Ra woman with ice blue scales and long white hair was mixing up a drink. What really caught her eye, however, was a lone Miqote, buried in a stack of books.His ear twitched, clearly deep in thought about what he was reading. The mixture of loud and small footsteps on the tile floor distracted him. He looked up and locked eyes with Tamago's for only a second before she looked away, her vision just catching a bright green blur."Wow, you're really tall, what do you eat?" His younger, higher voice broke through the silence."What kind of thing is that to say to a lady?" The Rogedyn announced, putting her hands on her hips and looking back towards him. Tamago shifted closer to her companion and continued to look at her toes. She played with the hem of her bodice, as she often did when she was nervous."Ku, he probably didn't mean it like that..." She muttered, blush blazing on her face. Why was she so worked up? He isn't the first Miqo she had seen, but Gods was he the cutest... She shook her head, snapping herself out of her daze.Ku grinned and noticeded the redness on her friend's face. "Say, cat boy, why don't the three of us go dancing hm?" She holds out her hand to him for a shake.His ear twitched as he tilted his head to the side, thinking a moment. His research could wait, he decided, closing his book with a thump. "Alright, sounds fun!" He hopped up from his hair with an excited and youthful motion.'Just how old is this guy?' Tamago thought to herself before being dragged along by Ku and lead out the door.✧・゚:✧・゚::・゚✧:・゚✧After some walking and a lot of arguing, the group came to a large mansion that had been converted into a club, the red brick blinding in the sunset. It had a distinctive fire theme and the whole building radiated heat. Tamago walked up to the placard. "The Inferno... 18+ Club and Lounge." She read aloud."Yeah, it's a real nice place! I found it on the way to the Librum. Let's take a look!" Ku rushed ahead, her long legs leaving them both behind as they struggled to catch up.The doors opened to a very gothic theme of reds and blacks with more fireplaces than you could count. They were led downstairs by a large Au Ra man who made sure t make it known to Tamago that he was interested. She politely declined him, her interest much more focused on the Miqote with her.As they entered the downstairs portion of the club, music blared and shook the walls. There were loads of people on the dance floor and many more on the couches and getting private dances. It was that kind of club.Ku led them to a place on the dancefloor before lifting up the bottom of her skirt. "I actually have to pee! Sorry! I'll leave you guys be!" She said quickly, rushing to the bathrooms before anyone could protest."W-Wait!" Tamago called out, holding out her hand towards Ku's now fading figure."What, you afraid of me or something?" The white-haired Miqo chuckled and held out a hand. "Shall we dance?"Tamago's face grew hot and red. She took his hand, nodding slowly. "S-Sure.""You know, you never told me your name...""Ah! I'm so sorry, I'm Tamago. Tamago Kusuri. You are?" She covered her mouth with her hand slightly, realizing how embarrassed she was."Mozu Ernalona." He replied with a goofy smile. He pulled her toward him and held both of her hands, keeping them a good distance apart. He attempted to dance but was wholely off beat and stiff."Here, let me see..." Tamago took his other hand and placed it on her hip. Slowly, she closed the distance between them, pulling their bodies closer together. She refused to look him in the eyes, her face becoming redder and redder as the moments passed. She started to move her hips to the music, encompassing the song like an instrument, and flowing perfectly in sync with the melody.His body followed instinctively, acting as an anchor for her to do some fancier moves. He held up his hand and spun her, heels clattering on the floor as the beat got more intense. They felt like they were on fire and everyone could see it. A small crowd began to form around them, the two captivating the audience while they were lost in their own world.As the song came to an end they stood there panting in each other's arms for a moment, emerald eyes looking into mismatched blue and green. They chuckled and put their foreheads together, their noses touching lightly."Well well! Shall we take a seat after that?" Ku's voice rang out and knocked the two out of their trance, both of them looking like embarrassed messes after realizing how close they were to each other.They followed Ku to the back corner of the ground floor where sets of couches had been laid out. Ku sat in between Tamago and Mozu like a protective older sibling as Tamago made polite conversation with him. Finally, Ku spoke up."So Mozu, do you have a girlfriend?"
She mused.
"No, not right now, why?" He looked back at Ku curiously."Well how about taking dear Tamago on a date here hm?" She grinned and turned to Tamago, a smug expression all over her face."What?" Tamago was taken aback. She immediately looked at the floor, her hands moving to the hem of her skirt once more as her anxiety took over. 'There's no way Mozu is interested in me! He's way more into tall women anyways...' Thoughts raced through her mind at lightning speed like a pot threatening to boil over."I..." Mozu spoke up, breaking the silence. "I'd love to." He says, leaning over to look past Ku and at Tamago.Her eyes widened. She looked over at him in sincere shock and what greeted her was the most loving and delicate smile she had ever seen. It's like he could feel his energy from the other side of the room.She didn't know how or why, but she knew she had to try. 'It would be a waste of a perfectly good cat boy...' she thought.FIN

This is a barely edited RP log, so please bare with the errors!

"Geez Mozu, bringing me to work on a date..." She snickers and smirks at him, laughing as they walk into the Oblivion de Librum. The place where they met, but also where Tamago spends a lot of her time working."I mean...We've had a long history with this place, haven't we? And it's pretty nice." He rolls his eyes playfully and pulls her in for a side hug. "Hehe, I hope you came in hungry.""We have, that's true. Wouldn't have met my sweet kitten if it wasn't for Shibari's little cafe." She boops him on the nose and hugs him back before pulling away. "But yes, I'm starving. Gotta put a little weight on me right?" She winks at him.Mozu gives a hearty chuckle. "Exactly! Goodness, could you imagine a day without your kitten?" He winks at her. His composed demeanor turns flushed and nervous. "Eheh...Well, that's...If you also want." Laughing nervously, he tugs her hand and leads her to sit."Of course not! Like a little stray cat, I brought you home one night and you never left." She smiles and follows him. When they sit down at the table she looks at Mozu somewhat seriously. "I do want to. Besides, I'm a little boney, not very comfy you know?" She sticks out her tongue."Dawww honey. Yup, I think about it every day." He leans his head on her shoulder for a moment, hugging her arm tight and rubbing it excitedly. He tilts his head to look at her serious expression with a smile. "Oh? that so love?.. Not just for me, I hope! I mean...You're plenty comfy already dear." He puts his hand over hers on the table, thumb rubbing her.He turns his attention to the fancy spread in front of them. Plenty of different kinds of pasta, loaves of bread, cheeses, and various plates of seafood began to fill the table. "Goly...Shi and the staff went all out huh?...""Not just for you... but also for you. Though, I think we might have to still use those potions if you want anything too crazy." She winks and clears her throat. "Anyways, yes! Look at this beautiful dinner!" She stares at all the food unsure where to start. She eyes a seafood pasta in a cream sauce that looked tasty and slid the plate closer to her. "Mmmm this looks so good!! O-Oh, wait! Am I allowed to eat yet?" She looks at Mozu sheepishly.Mozu giggles shyly covering his mouth with his hand. "Gosh Tamago you tease. Maybe when you're bigger you'll want to be rougher on me eh?" He tickles her side until he's softly punched by her. As she's talking Mozu looks over at her, wide-eyed at her question due to the fact his cheeks were already stuffed with bread..."...Mhm..." He nods lightly as he continues to chew and swallow. He quickly reaches for some salmon and buttered noodles eagerly slurping. "mm...sooo good! I wanna try it all""Maybe, if you want it..." She smirks, getting inches from his face. She gives his cheek a small lick and turns back to her meal. She twirls her fork on the creamy noodles and stabs a scallop. She eats it and instantly moans in contentment. "Honey this is so good!" She says, food still in her mouth."Well...I've never really experienced much of it so who knows." He shrugs lips curled up as he starts devouring his salmon only taking breaks to stab from Tamago's bowl, stealing a shrimp swiftly. He eyes her, sticking his tongue out back mockingly. "mm! It sure is..." Mozu takes his arm closest to her and drapes it over her shoulder. He uses his other hand to pour out some wine into both of their empty glasses. "It's...been a minute since we've sat back and done this, isn't it?... Hope it's not too boring in comparison...I like the silence once in a while.""Hey! Fine, be that way..." She takes her own bites of his food savoring the salmon and its richness. "Twelve that's good..." She snuggles into him as he puts her arm around her. "Wine? Goodness, you pulled out all the stops for me didn't you..." She blushes as she takes another look at the spread in front of her. "It has been a while. I miss this honestly. N-Not that I don't love all the /other/ stuff we do of course! I just really enjoy... well... just spending time with you really."Mozu narrows his eyes at Tamago Kusuri when she takes some of his dinner. "....how is it?.... Riiiight?" He pats her head softly when she nuzzles into him. "Heh for you?... anytime I can dearest.....Hmhm don't worry Tam I get what you mean..." He takes a small sip of his drink. "...Oh so that's how that tastes like...hm not bad.""Thank you love... and hey, once the new house is done, we can entertain our own guests and have nice fancy dinners at home!" She takes her glass and takes a sip. "Ahh! This is so good! It tastes like the sweet wines we have at The Anti!" She wiggles happily back and forth in her seat. "I always forget you barely drink Mozu. Goodness, I hope you don't think I'm some kind of drunk." She giggles.Mozu shakes his head at her. "Haha well you don't drink that much by me I suppose. I certainly haven't noticed you ever getting drunk now that I think back..." He chuckles and takes another sip, smacking his lips. "mm. It is pretty good...Hey, cheers...to us." He winks raising his glass for her to clink against."Hmm... I don't think I've ever been drunk come to think of it... a little tipsy with Oto a couple of times, but never fully drunk." She smiles and raises her glass along with him. "To us, my love... and to all the days we get to spend together." She clinks her glass against his.He grins brightly at her. "Maybe we need more celebrations in our life." After the glasses clink he takes a more generous sip along with her. "Ahhh...love you, dear...." Mozu reaches under the table and pulls out a small letter with a golden seal, which he then slides on the table over to her side. He smiles at her, eyebrows arching expectantly and chin resting on his hands while his elbows rest on the table. “Well, go on. It’s for you…”Tamago eyes the letter, confused. "For... me? Who's it from?" She leans against the table and narrows her eyes at the envelope, staring at it for a moment. Finally, she breaks the seal and opens the letter."Just probably some creep..." Mozu replies. When she opens the letter it reads: “Our journey started similar to our universe; chaotic and maybe random. But if the Twelve are guiding us then there's no possible way that I can thank them. Who knows what could have prompted us to delve into oblivion. But I can’t possibly express my gratitude, every moment, for walking that day into the Librum.” A second note from inside the letter slides out reading: “What I can do is try to show how much I care, By reminding you of all the best times we’ve shared. So I thought I’d make a game to find all of our secret spots in a day. Care to play? Just follow the riddles, to find the plots, so we can all say, yay.”Tamago just stares at the letter for a moment, the heartfelt gesture welling up emotions in her. She tears up slightly but continues reading. "Riddles?" She smiles widely and looks over at Mozu. "Goodness love, you've really gone all out for this huh?" A couple of tears fall down her cheeks and she quickly wipes them away with her sleeve.“When you hear its name your first thought is resistance, But you’ll find that inside the folks are nothing but pleasant. And although many late nights were spent chatting while poor Mozu was still in his shell, with some melons, maybe a spell or two, and a family grew, as well. Where am I?”"Oh! I know this one! The Anti!" She claps excitedly. "Off to visit Crux then I suppose?""You got it dear! Excellent! And if theyre not busy haha. But they send their best regards and ehm...Kind of helped me planned it...You ready?"With a nod, Tamago and Mozu depart to their destination.
⋆⛧┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈⛧⋆
They arrive at The Anti, the lounge in which they had their first date, as well as another place Tamago works. Mozu gestures to a little slip of paper sticking out of the door. "Open it."
She takes the slip of paper and opens it, a large smile on her face.The next riddle reads: “A place of humble beginnings, fitting for our own. Two shy beans in the water, the tight bond, not yet fully sewn. The pools were cool yet the sun? Certainly not. What ensued there was unexpected. They were just glad they weren’t caught. Where am I?”
"I got it!" She explains, taking Mozu's hand and dragging him to the nearest Aetherite.
⋆⛧┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈⛧⋆
Tamago splashes around in the water getting her clothes wet. "This one!!" She leads him to the pool they spent their first intimate moments in by the swimming hole in the Goblet.
"On this ledge dear! My, I'm impressed!" Mozu takes the note and hands it to her.She opens the note, jumping up and down.“Our first all-nighter slumber party was spent out here. Our neighbor, an icy friend, one which we still hold dear. While we spent a large portion out and about in the street, We started our business here, you making it seem a simple feat. Where am I?”"Our first house of course! Plot 32 in the Goblet!"
⋆⛧┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈⛧⋆
"I uh...didn't want it to be found and thrown away...tucked in here!" Mozu points above the placard on the now newly owned property.
Tamago does a big reach and manages to pick it up. "Gosh, honey you know I'm short!" She opens it.“Probably the most gorgeous of places we’ve been. But to have your own beauty in it as well? Surely a sin. Spending a fair share of loitering among the stone steps, smelling the sea breeze, never feeling bad we’ve barely slept. Where am I?”"Oh! Our house in Shiro of course!"
⋆⛧┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈⛧⋆
Mozu points at the lamp and then takes the letter tucked on its edge. "Hehe wait! Let's open it down here dear!" He takes her hand and leads her down the steps to the beachfront in Shirogane's Downtown district, the waves roaring as the sun sets behind them.
It reads: “We’ve traveled afar through thick and thin. Moved from place to place, trying to fit in. And as cliche, as it is to say that the journey is what matters, I have a feeling I’ve found what I’m looking for. someone who is capable of fixing this pile of tatters. I’ll do my best to keep alive this party of two. Because too late I’ve realized that my real home, Is with you.”Mozu cleared his throat and spoke up. “Tamago...What I’m about to ask you is...a very important question.” He looks down at her hands and holds them for a moment before kneeling down and digging out a small silver-trimmed case, lifting it up to present it on his palm.
Mozu Ernalona kneels before her.
Tamago clutches the letter to her chest and begins to cry. "M-Mozu what are you...."Mozu smiles looking up at her, his cheeks lifting to turn his eyes into happy arches, the breeze making his silver hair dance and flow like the crashing waves nearby. He inhales deeply through his nose. “Will you marry me?...” He opens up the case and a blue and pink aura shines from within the box, simmering down to reveal the diamond ring embedded into the shining silver bandTamago starts sobbing and just nods with the widest smile she'd ever had. She jumps into Mozu's arms, pushing him into the sand.Mozu closes blinks a few times and holds back his sobs as he pulls her in for an overly tight hug. He holds the back of her head, stroking her hair, tears streaming down his eyes. "I-...love you..""I love you Mozu... more than anything in Hydaelyn. I never thought that I would meet my soulmate at a cafe..." She chuckles and looks up into his bright emerald eyes. "But I want to be yours... f-forever. I-If you'll have me...""Tamago I would love nothing more...thank you. "Mozu lifts her chin, nose grazing hers, and eyes slowly shutting.She closes the distance, soft lips caressing his softly and adding slight pressure. Her heart thumps in her chest as they kiss passionately.Mozu spends a few moments enveloped in her lips, arms wrapped around her waist. After a hundred or so shared heartbeats, his lips part reluctantly. He giggles dumbly as his ears twitch with uncontrollable glee. "W-Well you uh....wanna try it on?"FIN